AR-Group Billing Clerk

The AR- Group Billing Positions is responsible for dealing with all aspects of group billing: credit establishment, master account bill setup, generation, and collection of group bills. Must resolve any and all disputes of charges posted to group rooms or master accounts during guest stays. Must post all pertinent charges from 3rd party vendors and submit paperwork to process payments to vendors. Photocopy and file required backup documentation, attaching to statements as needed. Must be able to produce Excel spreadsheets to duplicate or supplement group invoices or statements. Assign group master account numbers in Property Management System upon receipt of deposits. Attend group pre-conference meetings and meet with group contact to ensure they have a good understanding of all charges and how the billing will be handled. Group bill reviewed prior to final departure when requested by group contact. Prepare complete breakdown of expenses and all backup documentation. Email detailed invoice within 10 days after group departure. Make follow-up call to group contact within 10 days after bill is mailed. Resolve all billing dispute within 48 hours. Place collection calls and work with Conference Services and Sales departments in the collection of all delinquent group accounts. Assist with FIT duties in the absence of FIT Clerk. Must be able to track data using several computer software systems. Must also reconcile a group bill to the signed contract and research and adjust all discrepancies.

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