Interactive Course Map

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1-Plum Blossom - HCP 6/8  |  Par 4/5

Blue 412 / White 406 / Red 404

This hole is named after the Plum Trees located directly behind the 1st green that bloom a beautiful pink in the spring each year.

2-Devil's Cauldron - HCP 10/6  |  Par 4

Blue 358 / White 330 / Red 297

This hole is named after the deep winding barranca that comes into play on the tee and approach shots to this hole. This hole was included in Golf Magazine's 500 Greatest Golf Holes.

3-Shorty - HCP 18/16  |  Par 3

Blue 115 / White 105 / Red 98

This is the shortest golf hole design that George C. Thomas has implemented in any of his many golf courses.

4-Deer Canyon - HCP 14  |  Par 3/4

Blue 297 / White 274 / Red 128

This hole is named after the deep canyon that you have to carry on your tee shot, this is region of the golf course where you may spot a deer during round your of golf here.

5-Condors Nest - HCP 4/10  |  Par 4/5

Blue 440 / White 433 / Red 416

This hole features an elevated tee shot into the valley below and California Condors from the nearby Condor Sanctuary have been sighted overhead here.

6-Mistletoe - HCP 12  |  Par 4

Blue 312 / White 299 / Red 283

This hole is named after all of the mistletoe that grows in the sycamore trees along the left side of this hole.

7-Crosby's Creek - HCP 2  |  Par 4

Blue 392 / White 379 / Red 352

This hole is named after entertainer Bing Crosby who was an avid golfer and played here in the late 40's and early 50's. You have to carry Crosby's Creek on your approach shot to this green.

8-Hogan's Hollow - HCP 16  |  Par 3

Blue 128 / White 119 / Red 103

This hole is named after golf legend Ben Hogan who used to practice here during the West Coast swing of the PGA Tour with his fellow Texas Professional friend Jimmy Demaret.

9-Eucalyptus Alley - HCP 8/4  |  Par 5

Blue 517 / White 439 / Red 435

This par five hole is lined on each side with five different types of eucalyptus trees (Tasmanian Blue Gum, Red River Gum, Red Iron Bark, Lemon Scented Gum, Silver Dollar Gum).

10-Matilija - HCP 7  |  Par 4

Blue 405 / White 399 / Red 364

This hole is named after its perfect view of Matilaja Mountain and Canyon to the West.

11-Pink Moment - HCP 17  |  Par 3

Blue 227 / White 191 / Red 133

This hole has a perfect view of the "Pink Moment". The "Pink Moment" happens right before sunset and paints the rock face of the Topa Topa Mountains a beautiful pink color.

12-Honeysuckle - HCP 11/3  |  Par 5

Blue 287 / White 458 / Red 435

This hole is named after the honeysuckle covered fence that borders the golf course the entire length of this hole. This hole was the finishing hole for all of the seven PGA Champions Tour events that were here from 1989 - 1996.

13-Valley Oak - HCP 7  |  Par 4

Blue 405 / White 399 / Red 364

This hole is named after the large valley oak trees that overhang the tee and hotel pathway that is located nearby.

14-Sander's Snare - HCP 15  |  Par 3

Blue 203 / White 186 / Red 152

This hole is named after the flamboyant PGA Tour player Doug Sanders who represented the Ojai Valley Inn during the 1960's.

15-The Landing - HCP 9/1  |  Par 5

Blue 562 / White 546 / Red 471

This hole is where George Thomas landed his airplane when he was in the process of building the golf course.

16-Captain's Pride - HCP 13  |  Par 3

Blue 203 / White 179 / Red 146

This hole is named after Architect George Thomas who was an avid yachtsman and nicknamed the "The Captain". This was featured in all of the three books written about George Thomas and his golf course architecture.

17-The Inspiration - HCP 3/11  |  Par 4

Blue 403 / White 365 / Red 275

This hole is named after the magnificent panoramic view of the Ojai Valley that you take in on the tee of this hole. Enjoy.

18-Demaret's Challenge - HCP 1/5  |  Par 4/5

Blue 442 / White 397 / Red 402

This is named after PGA Tour Player Jimmy Demaret who represented the Ojai Valley Inn during the late 1940's and 1950's. Hole 18 is the most difficult hole on the golf course and a challenge for any level of golfer.

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